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What is it about us?

Xephas Christian Academy is a community of learning for Christian Creatives and Digital Ministers. We have the mandate to equip Christians, Churches, and Ministries with the right knowledge to Take Jesus Digital. 


Our courses and lessons are specialized towards Christians, Churches and Ministries


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The mandate is to Take Jesus Digital. This website is suitable for every believer


What You Will Learn? Some actionable steps in creating a strategy that fits your church or ministry. Case studies of websites that have digital eva...
4 Lectures
19 mins
What You Will Learn? How to set realistic goals for your church or ministry website How to align your website goals with your church or ministry vi...
3 Lectures
13 mins
Church Website
32 mins
What You Will Learn? Setting a website realistic goal that will help your website How to gather inspiration and research before you design a church...
8 Lectures
32 mins
What You Will Learn? Create all kinds of websites, using WordPress, especially for your Church, ministry, or for yourself Build a faith-based websi...
47 Lectures
5 hours
Christian Creativity
5 hours
What You Will Learn? The main tools and effects in CorelDraw and how to use them. Identify and manage the CorelDRAW interface Basic theories of gra...
57 Lectures
5 hours
What You Will Learn? Build a successful Christian blog from scratch, or take your existing blog to the next level Develop the mindset of a successf...
57 Lectures
4 hours
What You Will Learn? Work comfortably with PowerPoint and many of its advanced features Become one of the top PowerPoint users in your Church media...
69 Lectures
5 hours
30 mins
What You Will Learn? What is Souls Persona How is souls persona useful for my digital ministry What are the ways to draft a souls persona for my di...
4 Lectures
30 mins

Available Courses

Church Website

Lessons on how to design and manage a church website 

Christian Blogging

Lessons and courses on Christian blogging and Church blogging 

Church Social

Courses and lessons on how to create social media strategy and contents  

Christian Creativity

Lessons and courses on graphics design, and church branding 

Church Media

Lessons and courses on projection, video editing and more

Digital Ministry

Everything you need to know about the 5-fold digital ministries

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Interested in training a generation of Christian creatives or digital ministers? You can collaborate with us for training and sponsorship while we help Christians and churches to navigate their ways through the digital world and represent Christ effectively. We are committed to raising digital ambassadors for the purpose of the Gospel 

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