Defining a Church or Ministry Website Goals

  • How to set realistic goals for your church or ministry website 
  • How to align your website goals with your church or ministry vision and mission 
  • Why a church website has been inactive because there are no set goals 
  • How setting goals can affect your church website positively

Before designing a church website, you should set up realistic goals for your website will achieve. It is part of the process of drafting a website blueprint and framework. 

Goals are important because they help you stay focused. Having a plan is essential to your church’s or ministry’s website  

In these lessons, you will learn what a website goal is, how to know if your church’s website has been running without a goal to achieve, and how to set goals for it.

Who is this Course For?

  • Churches with Websites
  • Ministries with Websites
  • Ministers of God
  • Church Website Designers
  • Social Media Managers 

Defining Website Goals 1
Defining Website Goals 2
Defining Website Goals 3

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Defining a Church or Ministry Website Goals